We are a small town with a population of roughly 300, the county seat of Lyman County. Primarily a ranching, farming, and agricultural community. We are located on Interstate I-90 in the center of SD.

It is a convenient location to spend the night if you are traveling across the state.We have two motels:

  • Gerry’s Budget Host - 605-869-2210
  • Kings Motel – 605-869-2270.
  • We also have a campground: Kennebec KOA – 1-800-562-6361. They have some cabins and a tepee that might be fun for the children. They also have a pool.

Kennebec also has a convenience store/gas station, and a grocery store.

Kennebec is also less than an hour from 2 major recreational areas Big Bend Dam and Oahe Dam which offers many fishing, hunting, camping and other recreational, economical development and business opportunities. Also, there are 3 other smaller recreational areas within 5 minutes they are Brakke Dam, Lake Byre and Fate Dam, these areas are hidden treasures when it comes to all recreation. We are about 30 miles from the Missouri River in Chamberlain.

On your way here, you will travel through Mitchell, home of the Corn Palace.The Capitol, Pierre is about 55 miles. They have the Discovery Center which children enjoy.

Kennebec is a very modern, progressive, clean, high tech town with a great school. The town folks take great pride in being a very forward thinking community trying to keep our utilities modern.

The story of how Kennebec was named goes like this. Kennebec was founded in 1905, it is said to have been named by Milwaukee railroad officials. Another version vouched for by several early settlers, is that one of the founders of the town became stuck in the  heavy gumbo with a loaded wagon and attemped to back onto firmer ground. A 'Kibitzing' bystander, descrobed as an indian or a foreigner, stated 'Can no back', thus it became it became known as Kennebec. 

On Octorber 26, 1905 a petition was circulated to change the name of the new town of 'Kennebec'. We sanction the move, the fellow who named that town and several others, must have been foreigners or possessed a very limited english vocabulary. 

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