Kennebec is a friendly rural town of approximately 300 people, the county seat of  Lyman County, and only 50 minutes away from Pierre, the state capital.   Primarily a ranching, farming, agricultural community, Kennebec is also less than an hour from 2 major recreational areas Big Bend Dam and Oahe Dam which offers many fishing, hunting, camping and other recreational, economical development and business opportunities.  Also, there are 3 other smaller recreational areas within 5 minutes they are Brakke Dam, Lake Byre and Fate Dam, these areas are hidden treasures when it comes to all recreation.
The town is conveniently located in central South Dakota right on the intersection of I-90 and US Hwy 273 in the middle of Lyman County, which has a variety of recreational and economic opportunities.
Kennebec is a very modern, progressive, clean, high tech town with a great school.  The town folks take great pride in being a very forward thinking community trying to keep our utilities modern.

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