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The Kennebec Town Board of Trustees met in regular session on June 2, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Finance Office. Present: Eugene Mertens, Todd Longville, Janice Lien, Michelle Langenbau, and Travis Almond. Also present: Debra Halverson, Finance Officer, Carlie Gran, City Superintendent and all members of the Kennebec Housing Board.


MOTIONS: All motions are approve unanimously unless otherwise noted.


CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mertens.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion by Langenbau, seconded by Lien, to approve the 5/5/14 and 5/27/14 minutes as printed.



State of South Dakota:                Sales Tax – General Fund                               $   6,727.89

                                                Sales Tax - Fund 211                                        $      238.82

                                                Audits                                                              $          9.20

                                                Local Highways/Bridges                                    $   2,164.94

Lyman County                         Taxes                                                               $ 25,505.82

Utilities                                    Water                                                               $   3,262.95

                                                Sewer                                                               $   1,664.00

                                                Rubble Site                                                       $      235.00

Kennebec Housing                    Admin Services                                                $   1,035.00

Miscellaneous                                                                                                   $   2,479.27



Almond moved, seconded by Longville, to pay the following claims: ADAPCO, mosquito sprayer and chemical, $3,988.58; Barco Products, rubble site signs, $542.49; BJ’s, supplies, $31.05; Byres, trash pickup, $92.00; Cook Implement, shop supplies, $79.61; Dept. of Revenue, analysis, $13.00; Charlie Gran, insurance, $500.00; Debra Halverson, insurance, $475.79; Halvorson Oil, gas & diesel, $1,023.43; Harmon Law Office, legal services, $159.47; Kennebec Telephone, phone service, $205.61; Kennebec Telephone, labor & supplies, $1,780.09; Lyman County Herald, publications, $116.08; Lyman County Highway Dept., metal, $75.00; Menards, shop supplies, $63.40; Office Products, office supplies, $98.17; Postmaster, stamps & box rent, $83.00; Running’s Supply Inc., shop supplies, $120.91; SD Dept. of Revenue, Drinking Water Fee, $100.00; SD Public Assurance Alliance, tractor insurance, $545.00; Servall, rugs, $49.39; Retirement, $599.36; Treasury Dept., 941 taxes, $1,210.86; West Central Electric, $1,475.77; WR/LJ Rural Water, usage, storage, $1,974.00; Administration, wages, $1,591.68; Library, wages, $547.25; Maintenance, wages, $2,115.19.


HOUSING: Mowing at Kennebec Housing was discussed with the Housing Board. The job has not been getting done by Housing maintenance and Halverson has mowed around the units twice. Longville expressed concern that if their maintenance cannot take care of the mowing the Housing Board should find an alternative. The Town offered Bailey Almond to help as needed while she works for the Town this summer.


MAINENANCE: Mosquito fogger is here and in use. The KOA inquired about have the town run through there as well. The Board feels that since all business on Main St and around Town reaps the benefits of it the KOA should too. Although no preferential treatment will be given, it will be added to the current spraying routes. Drainage was discussed on Brandon St. The most effective way is to install culverts to allow water to drain to the South and then East on Fullford. Gran will replace any old culverts along the way that may block drainage. The Local Transportation Assistance Program through SDSU was discussed. It helps track the condition of roads. Board feels it is not necessary at this time as there are no plans in the works to do any major changes to current roads. Gran will be looking for quotes to chip seal Main and to have some holes patched in 1st St and 2nd St.     


NUISANCE PROPERTIES: Motion by Longville, second by Almond to set a Public Hearing date of July 15th at 7:00 pm to declare the following properties a Public Nuisance: Lot 4 Block 2 Original Town and Lots 1 & 2 Block 9 MLC’s 1st Add. Any resident with an opinion of these properties is requested to attend and participate in the Hearing. Contact Deb at 869-2263 for more information.


NEW BUSINESS: Motion by Longville, second by Langenbau to assist Lyman County with their agreement with the Department of Justice to help bring young lawyers to rural communities. The Town will contribute $1,000.00 per year for 5 years starting September, 2015, to help pay the wages of a new lawyer that will be working with Herb Sundall. Motion by Almond, second by Longville to sign a Statement of Extension with District III Planning and Development.  


OTHER ITEMS: The Library received a grant for all new computers and hardware. Installation will be done this summer. The County filled water trucks out of a Town hydrant while working on the road south of Kennebec. The amount has been recorded for record keeping purposes but no charge will be assessed. ROCS is looking for a donation of $115.03 to help with the Meals on Wheels program. Tabled until the next meeting. The City of Oacoma is looking for support in their opposition to the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Casino project. Discussion tabled until more information is available.


CLINIC: A discussion was held on further landscaping of the Clinic lot. Grass versus rock was discussed. A parking area was also discussed. Almond feels that advance of rent given to the Town from Avera should be used to finish concrete on the south side of the building along with another ramp to meet up with the parking area. A Special Meeting will be held Thursday, June 5, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Finance Office to hear quotes for the concrete project and finalize landscaping plans.


ALSO DISCUSSED: Rich Halverson would like to construct a WWII Veterans Memorial dedicated to soldiers from Kennebec. He would pay for the sign if the Town is willing to find a site for it; tabled for further discussion. Board members inquired about the procedure for sending letters from the Town to residents to resolve mowing and upkeep issues. Halverson explained the procedure set forth in previous minutes and ordinances that specify the City Superintendent and Finance Officer are also Code Enforcement Officers and have the authority to determine when an Ordinance is being violated. The Board would like notification moving forward when such letters are being sent.  


Motion by Almond, second by Longville, to adjourn until the Special Meeting on June 5th at 7:00 pm. The next regular meeting will be held on July 7, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.


                                                                                    Dated: June 2, 2014



Attest:                                                                          Eugene Mertens, Chairman

                                                                                    Town Board of Trustees


Debra Halverson, Finance Officer

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