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The Kennebec Town Board of Trustees met in special session June 5, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Finance Office. Members present: Eugene Mertens, Todd Longville, Janice Lien, Michelle Langenbau, and Travis Almond. Also present: Debra Halverson, Finance Officer and Charlie Gran, City Superintendent.


All motions are approved unanimously unless otherwise noted.


Chairman Mertens called the meeting to order.


NEW BUISNESS: Motion by Langenbau, second by Almond to approve the installation of a WWII memorial sign purchased by Rich Halverson on the southeast corner of the Library lot.


Motion by Almond, second by Lien to approve $115.03 to ROCS as local match for the Meals on Wheels program.


Motion by Longville, second by Langenbau to approve a building permit for Jim Anderson to build a house on Block 9, Pease Addition.


CLINIC: Two quotes were received for a concrete parking slab and ramp for the Clinic: Ty Uthe Construction - $10,500.25; Schlomer Redi Mix - $8,725.00. Motion by Longville, second by Almond, to accept the lower quote form Schlomer Redi Mix and plant grass on the rest of the lot, with the exception of the small space immediately north of the building, where rock will be laid.


Motion by Lien, second by Longville to go into Executive Session pursuant SDCL 1-25-2(1) to discuss employee performance at 7:17 pm. Chairman Mertens declared out of Executive Session at 8:26 pm. No motions were made.


Motion by Longville, seconded by Langenbau, to adjourn.


                                                                        Dated: June 5, 2014



                                                                        Eugene Mertens, Chairman

                                                                        Town Board of Trustees




Debra Halverson

Finance Officer


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