Lyman County Court House

Auditor: Pam Michalek--869-2247
Civil Defense: Sheriffs Office--869-2266
Clerk Of Courts: Rebecca Altman--869-2277
Conference Room: 869-2594
County 4-H Advisor: Misty Welter--869-2226
County Nurse: Jody Smith--869-2217
Court Services:869-2274
Director Of Equalization: Jim Sundall--869-2206
Emergency Disaster: Sheriff Office--869-2200
Highway Office: Tim Long--869-2261
Highway Shop: 869-2202
Register Of Deeds: Tracy Brakke--869-2297
Sheriff: Steve Manger--869-2267
State's Attorney: Anita Fuoss--869-2294
Treasurer: Carol Sundall--869-2295
Veteran Service Office: Gary Sletto--869-2237
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